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In a dual-display Windows 7 OS, is there a way to move a yEd window from one display to the other?

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I'm on Windows 7 with yEd 3.14 and Java 8, update 65. When I open yEd on a dual-display system and attempt to move the application window from one monitor (secondary) to the other (primary), yEd enters some kind of infinite loop state and becomes unresponsive. I eventually have to kill it. All is well if I don't move the window from one display to the other.

Do you have a suggestion? And thanks in advance... stunning tool!
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I made a lot of observations on different conditions to trigger the window hanging up and was about to dump them all here - I started to write that other Java applications don't show the same problem but the program I initially tested with was running on a different version of Java. I checked with one I know to be using the installed 1.8 JRE... it does all the same things. Window works fine on the first monitor but hangs when resized on the second display. So it would appear to be a Java problem(!).

I did discover a partial workaround. When the application is hung, it can be 'repaired' by maximizing on the first monitor - this causes everything to start working normally (unless you try resizing on the other screen again).

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In a quick test here on a dual-display Windows 7 Home Premium system with yEd 3.14.4 and Java 8 update 66, there were no problems moving the application window between displays.
yEd doesn't do anything special with regard to a system's display configuration, so I would suspect this to be a problem of the Java runtime environment  (maybe related to graphics cards/graphics cards drivers).

Before upgrading yEd, JRE, and graphics cards drivers to their latest versions each, you could first try this and see if it already helps:

  1. close yEd
  2. rename your yEd profile directory (more on this here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/9)
  3. start yEd anew
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