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Hierarchical layout, edge grouping only grouping before nodes: Is there a way to make it group on both sides?

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I'm using hierarchical layout with edge grouping set to automatic.  Edges above each node group perfectly, but after each node, they are not grouped causing a lot of edge crossing and a very confusing diagram.  Is there any way to make them group on both sides.  Its important for the diagram that the hiearchy be preserved and that edges enter at N and exit at S on each node.

Thank you!
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The hierarchical layout setting "Automatic Edge Grouping" takes care to include each edge in either a source or a target group, but never both. If you want to have edges that are both source and target grouped, disable "Automatic Edge Grouping" and specify explicit edge groups using "Tools" -> "Constraints" -> "Edge Grouping" instead.
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