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enhanced external hyperlinks

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In the yED editor, I can insert a hyperlink for any element by the following sequence:

1. open the element's properties
2. open the properties' data tab
3. insert path into URL field (or using the browse icon)

When I insert the path of a local file (on Windows it would start like e.g. "D:\folder\...\file.pdf"), this file gets opened as soon as I press <F8> on that selected element. This is nice, as it also works for hyperlinks into the WEB (using the prefix "HTTPS://...").

As it is the case with many applications, links might be evaluated based on the "protocol" prefix in a more general way. So, not only "HTTPS" or "HTTP" leads to opening the respective file within the standard browser, but any other standard application might be opened like this. For example, when I use the mindmapping application "Freeplane", I would be able to insert the following link which would lead to opening a specific node within the Freeplane application:


By this mechanism, it would even be possible to jump directly to a yED element located within another yED file (if this was implemented in yED).

Would such an extended hyperlink feature be possible to implement in yED? If the yED editor was open source,, I could even try to implement it myself ;-) .

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