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Title each graph and have the Title reproduced as the page header when printed

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At present , it appears that a title-header can only be set in the print preview pane and not for an individual graph and the title entered is applied to all graphs printed.  Havent checked whether this is the same with PDF creation. It would be nice for each graph to have a title attached to the graph and for this title to head up the PDF or print page.

Great product -easy to use for what I want to do -program design flowcharting and UML
asked Dec 15, 2012 in Feature Requests by DaveC49 (320 points)
edited Feb 27, 2013 by michael
One way to accomplish this would be to allow labels within the graph object itself.  You could place the label where you want it, choose fonts, sizes etc.

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I agree with you and in addition, it would be great to save other printing parameters, such as: paper size, orientation (horizontal, vertical), scale, pagination, ... inside of the document.
answered Apr 23, 2013 by mark4070 (340 points)
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I think this is essential...I cannot imagine producing these charts without a permanent way to document important properties. I would want to include a title, the date, a rev number...it may sound odd, but I am using this for school, and I like to keep track of changes. So I save these as ChartA_0100, ChartA_0101, ChartB_0100, &c. But the date the chart was modified would be great also. One of the problems that I have seen so far is that I tried to place a title lable on the chart, but when I used one of the Layout tools, it moved it.
answered Mar 8, 2013 by Ninetrees (400 points)

You could use diagram-level custom properties to track date and revision number. Use "Edit" -> "Manage Custom Properties" to add custom properties. For diagram-level properties use the bottom most section "Graph Properties". See the yEd Manual for additional information.

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