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How to move all <indidual nodes> <labels index 3> to the same place/position in all <Individual-node> ?

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I know how to select for example all <labels index 3> in <Individual-node>.
Now I want to place all this labels in the same position for exmple x-axix X <1/3 of the width> and ordinate y_axis Y <1/5 of the <height>

Q1 - How to move all <indidual nodes> <labels index 3> to the same place/position in all <Individual-node> ?

Thanks in advance for your help
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1 Answer

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While this is not well supported in yEd, I can think of two possible approaches.

Approach 1:

  1. Adjust label positions as needed in one of you nodes.
  2. Create a user-defined palette section.
  3. Add the adjusted node as template to the new palette section.
  4. Select all nodes.
  5. Right-click the new template in the new palette section to open its context menu and choose "Apply".

Unfortunately, this approach will overwrite the color for all selected nodes. You will either have to create one template for males and one for females or correct the colors afterwards.

Approach 2:

  1. Select all labels whose position you want to adjust.
  2. Change the label "Placement" to "Internal: Top Left".
  3. Adjust label "Distance" and label "Insets" to move the text to the desired position. (Insets need to be four space-delimited numbers, e.g. "4 8 16 24").

If you position labels this way, distance and insets are absolute values. I.e. when you set a distance of 4 for a label with height 20, then increase the height to 40, the distance will remain 4.

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Thancks for your help
It is solved.
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