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In older versions it was possible to increase the memory beyond 3700MB, why is this not allowed anymore?

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Older Version (2.4.2 at least) seems to support at least 8192 MB memory.  I've seen that using 4096 MB led to an out of memory/out of heap error. When using 8192MB the process started running.

In the new version (3.9.2), the maximal amount (for me) seems to be 3700MB.
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Technically, there is no upper limit for the amount of memory you can specify. However, no matter how much memory you specify, the 32 bit version of yEd cannot use more than 2GB of memory. (That is not a yEd specific restriction, though, but is true for all 32 bit applications.) If you need more than 2GB memory, you will have to use the 64 bit version on a 64 bit operating system (and of course your computer must have enough RAM available).

That said, why do you think there is an upper limit of 3.7GB?
Moreover, which version of yEd, Java and what operating system are you using?
I'm working on a Suse 12.1 linux system with 64 bit.  I'm running the yEd 3.9.2 version with java 1.6.0_24.

When I start yEd with a gml file as command line parameter it still works up to 3700MB memory. With more than  3700MB the following error appears:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

That is not a yEd error message but the Java virtual machine saying your system cannot provide the desired amount of memory!

Are you sure you have enough memory available? You can check with "free -g" (first line, third column must be 4 or more.)
How do you start yEd? Using the provided script or directly using "java -jar /path/to/yed.jar"?
How exactly do you specify the desired amount of memory?
And finally can you please post the Java virtual machine information provided by yEd (see "Help" -> "About", the line that starts with "Java VM")?

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