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yED cuts anchor information in the URL-Field of the properties\data tabulator in the case of using "file:/"-uri

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In my mind "the question in one sentence" describes an error.

for a documentation of my work i tried to use the "url-field" in the tabulator "data" of the "properties-dialog" to jump inside a html document to an anchor.

it seems that yED cuts any characters of the pasted url-string after containing first "#" or '%23' or similar tests when url-string is an file:/ uri

greets Uwe
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1 Answer

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As far as we know, that is not a yEd problem but depends on browser and operating system. E.g. on Kubuntu 12.04 with Firefox, anchors in URLs pointing to local files work just fine.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Doesn't appear to work with Chrome on Windows 7.
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