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What is the size of the coordinate system yEd in order to find the proper custom coordinates?

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The graph is created with custom X, Y coordinates from Excel, the visual image may be fail, so a scale coefficient is needed.
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From a practical point of view, the coordinate system in yEd can be thought of as being "infinite" (in both positive and negative directions). More technically, the X, Y coordinates used in yEd are 64-bit double precision floating point numbers according to IEEE 754.
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Dear Thomas!
The fantastic property of yEd – from this answer – should be placed in Help to know that this graph editor is able to display graph of any sizes, from several nodes and edges to very complex organizational structures such as projects, transports, communications or social networks.
And that for this user do not need to manually draw the schema, but just set this data in Excel, using of copying, pasting and linking text or numerical values. I'm as a novice user impressed with this powerful graphical tool
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