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how can i do hbds diagrams like that defined here http://pelle.stephane.free.fr/uml_vs_hbds.pdf

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I'm seeing in 'manage custom properties' a way to add a list of custom properties to either edges/nodes.

The problem i see here is 2 fold.

1) the list of properties is defined for all edges/nodes.

  so if i want to defined a 6th one, but in the custom properties i provisionned only 5 then i have to add another one.... i guess it's possible to provition for that extra number without problem

2) custom properties have a common key name.
So if we need to use it even with other 2 limitations, it forces us to basically name custome porperties like property_n. where n is in [1-*]

3)  more important issue, though is that the properties are not displayable at all. Not even togglizable. It'd be great to have the flexibility of the edges/nodes label positioninig for each and every properties.

I'm still searching for a tool that would allow to create graphs like that shown here http://pelle.stephane.free.fr/uml_vs_hbds.pdf

but Really, there seems to be none.

yEd other than this apparent missing feature is a great piece of engineering.

I hope you can take this positively to further enhance yEd


keep up the good work guys
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1 Answer

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It is already possible to create diagrams like the ones depicted in the linked document in yEd:

Corresponding GraphML.

Moreover, no custom properties are necessary to do so.

by [yWorks] (152k points)
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