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How to resize all nodes after changing palettes so that text does not overlap palette

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I have created a graph with a few thousand nodes and 5 different palettes are used for those nodes. After going into Properties Mapper and determining what the palettes should be for each characteristic, the palettes were changed but the text inside the node overlaps the palette. Is there a way to automatically resize everything so that the text does not overlap the palette?

Thank yo ufor your time
asked Feb 28, 2017 in Help by anonymous

You seem to be jumbling the names of yEd features. The palette is the tool on the right hand side that provides style templates for diagram elements. I guess you used the properties mapper to automatically assign new style templates from the palette to your nodes. Moreover, text inside a node will always overlap the node's style (otherwise it would not be inside the node).

In short, it is quite difficult to understand the problem from your description. Thus I would like to ask you to upload a screen shot that illustrates the problem.

Greetings Mr. Behr,


The above link is to a representation of what I am having issues with. Is there a way to automatically resize all of the templates so that the text does not overlap?

To clarify, this is for a school project, not for commercial use.

2 Answers

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Thank you very much for the additional information, it does clarify your problem.

Even though yEd does offer a tool for adjusting node size depending on label size ("Tools" -> "Fit Node to Label"), this tool only works for rectangular nodes. Unfortunately, you will have to adjust the problematic non-rectangular nodes manually.
answered Mar 1, 2017 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (108,380 points)
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Create a new palette section containing the node templates you want to use in your graph.  For each of the node templates, set the Label Insets to "0 40 0 40" or whatever values you find appropriate to force additional spacing on the left and right of the label for that shape.  The 4 values represent top, left, bottom, and right insets.  Use the properties mapper to assign the node templates as you did before, using the new templates with the label insets.  Some of the labels may still overlap the node shapes.  Use "Tools" --> "Fit Node to Label" to resize the nodes.  The label insets should now prevent the label text from overlapping the node shapes.

answered Mar 1, 2017 by anonymous