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Wouldn't it make more sense to call it "Connector Types" rather than "Edge Types"?

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I'm wondering why you call the connector-selection window "Edge Types". Wouldn't "Connector Types" be better?

In this kind of app, "edges" usually refers to the sides of the objects where you attach the connectors, not the connectors themselves. What do you think? Cheers, ander
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Well, we use the term "edge", because yEd is a graph editor and in graph theory, the formal term for a line connecting two endpoints is edge.

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I see... Thanks for explaining—that's quite interesting!
I take your point (or should that be vertex?), however...

It's almost immaterial that your terminology is "technically correct".
If (and it is an if - I don't have any stats to make the point one way or the other, so I'm posing it as a question) a large percentage of your user base find your terminology confusing then this would still fall under the category of 'poor usability / user experience'.
In my mind, things like this make me think of yEd as "quirky" and "unintuitive" rather than "correct".
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