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Tags not appearing

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I wonder if you ever found an explanation to this problem. I have discovered the following things whilst experimenting as I had the same problem and hope I explain it OK and maybe it will trigger something in someone else's head to help those having this problem. I had my ged file and imported it without a problem and the start screen had lots of boxes to tick for different tags OK so far. Moved ged file to another folder when doing some cleaning, when I tried to import it again no boxes appeared so could'nt import tags. PANNICK.Checked folder and file attributes all ok, moved file to desktop and hey presto on import tag boxes appeared. So I thought hey ho its a file path problem, so created another folder and copied file into that folder and on import no boxes appeared. so in the ged file changed the path reference and saved it but still no boxes. So had a play around, copying the ged file to different folders, it worked in some but not others, ie: got boxes and other folders did'nt. CONFUSED I AM. checked out the registry in case there was some sort of reference that would help but no luck so far. ANY ONE GOT ANY IDEA. was going to add screen shot but cant see obvious way of posting them here, if anyone wants to see them email me. HELP!!! However it's an excellent program.

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related to an answer for: GEDCOM tags not in custom properties
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See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on how to upload files. For screenshots, you can use the dedicated "Image" upload button in the toolbar (2nd row, 8th from right).

That said, your problem seems to be a very strange one indeed. The GEDDCOM import does not care about the directory in which your file is located, so I am very surprised to read that the location affects the import. Could you please tell me which operating system you are using, which version of yEd you are using, and which version of Java you are using? (The latter two pieces of information are available from yEd's About dialog, see "Help" -> "About"). Did you change the file suffix when moving your GED file to another location? And  finally, can you tell me the paths to one location that worked and one location that did not work?

Hi Thomas
Sorry but couln't see how to add links here so posted answer to you as a new question. Hope that was OK
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