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Swimlane Layout bug when renaming Title of Table

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when I change the title of my table, all column delimiter are moved on the left of the table and I loose all my column contents.
asked May 29, 2012 in Help by FredB (200 points)
recategorized May 29, 2012 by thomas.behr

2 Answers

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Can you describe the problem in more detail? Maybe upload GraphML files with before/after diagrams? (To upload GraphML files, use the link option from the tool bar.)
answered May 29, 2012 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (126,590 points)
0 votes
answered May 30, 2012 by FredB (200 points)
Thank you very much for the diagrams.

This is a very unfortunate side effect of "Dynamically Adjust Node Size to Label Size" setting. Please turn off this setting (in "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Editor") when working with table nodes.

I have added an entry to our internal issue tracking system that there should be an option to ignore group nodes for this feature.
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